Why do I get directed to Kanopy Streaming site when I try to purchase a video?

Kanopy Streming is where you can purchase any or all of our videos. On the home page, in the search box enter the video name you are after and select the video by Mental Health Education – that’s us! All the information is there on how to purchase and use the videos.

How do I purchase these videos?

To purchase any or all of the videos go to Kanopy Streaming.  All the information is there on how to purchase and use the videos.

What is the price of these videos?

Again, go to Kanopy Streaming.  All the details of prices is there.

Can I purchase the videos seperately?

Yep you can purchase one, two, three or all of the videos.

Can I suggest new scenarios?

Of course! We are more than happy to look at new ideas and produce specific requests.
To contact us either email info@mentalhealtheducation.com.au or via our Contact Us tab.

Can these featurettes be embedded into online course material?

Yes, they can.

How will I find out about new video featurettes?

You will be contacted via email of any new video featurettes and any updates.

Is there an app for Mental Health Education?

We are currently developing apps for each of the videos – stay tuned.

Terms of Use

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The link in a PDF is not working. What do I do?

If the link is not working, try copying the entire link and pasting it into your browser.

What is the quality like?

As per the demo which is 1080P 1920 x 1280 HD and is formatted for all mediums including projection and is perfect for high definition projection.

Why do I need this??

To work towards accreditiation.
To consolidate theoretical and practical skills.
To broaden my understanding.
To be ahead of my peers.
To gain first hand knowledge.
To gain a clinical edge.
To be holistically equipped for exams and work placement.